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Diamond Crystal from Venezuala or Roraima

I have a customer who asked his girlfriend to marry him on top of a
Mount Roraima in Venezuela. He wants an engagement ring that
incorporates a rough diamond crystal from that area, either from
Venezuala, or Roraima which is on the Venezuelan/Brazilian border.

I have tried many dealers and have been told time and again that
this is a tough request because diamond crystals are often mixed in
the rough before being sold. So far I have been able to locate just
two crystals from Roraima Mine in Brazil.

So I need help on two fronts.

Firstly, the crystal I have found is a ‘complex crystal’ which has
crevices on it’s surface (see picture and details here: . The
crystal would be set in a ring as it is. I have had no experience
working with rough diamond crystals and have some concern as to
whether these crevices and fissures may cause the diamond to break if
it were knocked about during every day wear. I’d be really grateful
to anyone who has an opinion on this.

Secondly if anyone knows where I could track down other suitable
Diamond crystals from this area I would be eternally grateful! I am
looking for a 1-2ct crystal, or around 6mm in width, of good shape
(preferably octahedral but would consider any others) and any colour
will do.

I hope you can help.
Many thanks,

Eva Martin
Hampshire, UK


I have purchased diamond crystals from Rock Deco. They seem to have a
good supply and are very nice folks.

Hope this helps–
Janet, in friendly Mill Valley

Rock Deco

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welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Also try King’s Ransom in Sausalito, they had diamond crystals at

Robin C. McGee