Diamond coated files

Actually Alma, there is no such thing as a girdle stretcher, but I
sure wish there was. If there was, its function would be to make a
stone a little bit bigger so that it would fit in a bezel on which
your mini rolling mill was used a little too briskly.

It’s kind of like a diamond magnet, used for finding errant
diamonds, a wire gauge increaser, used to add back on that last pass
through the draw plate you shouldn’t have done or aerosol time
extender (that J. C.

buys by the case) that is sprayed on a job that’s taking a little
longer than you counted on, but the customer absolutely has to have
for their trip out of town tomorrow morning (are they all really
going out of town? At six in the morning? Really? Tuesday morning? To
a place where they HAVE to have their jewelry? Or they’re gonna
freaking die??). If anyone could actually invent these things, they’d
be on easy street for sure!


Oh, David, now I understand. You were referring to the girdle of
thestone. I mistook the term girdle to be referring to the bezel.
The term girdle can also mean a belt which encircles something, and
I was thinking of the bezel as a girdle which encases a stone.

Multiple meanings for a word can certainly lead to confusion.

You are right, if a girdle to fatten a stone could be invented, it
would bea wondrous tool to have when faced with a skinny stone.


(Giggle) if only these things were available. Judy in Kansas where
rain clouds show themselves but don’t follow through.