Diamond Burrs 4 Sandblasted finishes

  Why not use diamond burrs?  They create a beautiful matt,
almost sandy surface.  So much easier than messing around with
masking methods. 

What are your favorite diamond burrs for this purpose?

Christel, I have a diamond punch, I made, that makes a nice
texture. It is a piece of steel, with a diamond(small) inverted.
When you tap it gently, it makes the nicest, glimering texture
in gold.

christel - diamond burrs are difficult to use for a uniformly
even matte finish. their very nature is for the quickest removal
of material; i use them every day for working opal rough (with
turquoise, about the softest material) all the way to jade -
some of the hardest i work. diamond sintered burrs are great for
texturing metals in a directional pattern or for a stippled
textured finish. but … perhaps a steadier hand than mine could
do a matte finish. ive

A good friend of mine from the Swifkita Design Studio showed me
a beautiful bimetal piece he had recently made. On the fine
silver part of the piece it has the most wonderful texture…
much like the deep brushed or heavily sandblasted finish I have
been searching for. He told me he had used a diamond burr to add
this luxurious texture. I was totally amazed! I have used
diamond bits for quick cut down but had never considered using
it for a surface finish! It looks outstanding, and as the
texturing is deeper than most other methods, I think it would
hold up much longer than other types and require less frequent
touch-ups. I think this is a terrific method, and anyone who is
in to rich textures should try it out! <thanks terry!>

Heather Sickler
Intrica Fine Jewelry