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Diamond band setting


I’ve got a couple of 18K diamond band settings which I’m trying to
figure out the best way to set. Rather that try and describe it,
I’ve put a couple of pictures of an already set piece on-line at and

Anyone have any advice about this type of setting? Thanks.


This appears to be just a modified channel set or also referred to
as a snap set when single stones are set in place. Best advice is not
to over cut the seat. I would choose stones that are between .1 and
.2 millimeters larger that the measurement of the width of the
channel. Cut each side very carefully so they are level, starting
with a small hart burr and increasing the size of the burr as you go.
Measure the exact height you wish to start the seat using a set of
dividers. Measure from the top of the channel and mark them all so
you have the same measurement on each channel. If the stones are
larger say .25-1.00 ct each it is sometime wise to use a .008-.005
ball burr to define the end of the seat. This helps to keep the hart
burr from over cutting the length of the seat. You do this by
cutting a very slight inset at either end of the planned seat with
the small ball burr before you start cutting with the hart burr. Make
sure you do not cut any deeper with the hart burr that the depth
needed to allow the stone to drop down the other side of the channel
and set into place. I like the stones to fit tight enough to snap
into place. The tops of the channel are then hammered to tighten the
stones. If you are not an accomplished channel setter I would send
this baby out and have a skilled setter do the work or else spend
some time practicing with cheaper stones and mountings. If this piece
is not done very precisely it will not look good and you will have
trouble with the stones staying in place. I will be available until
Monday May the 12 if you need any clarification or have any
questions. Email me off forum at @frank_goss1 and I will be glad
to send you my phone number via email. Good luck with your project.
Frank Goss


Hola Bill and All, as far as I see the monunting is channel set. Work
each stone at a time. I would use a hart bur -smaller than the
diamter of the stone- to undercut a bearing on one of the walls and
remove enough metal on the opposite to make the stone snap into
place. Tap lightly to secure the stone and go the next stone. Once
you have all the stones into place, complete the hammering. Undercuts
are done on the same side of all the walls making sure that bearings
are cut at enough depth in order to have enough metal to hammer onto
the stones. If the mounting has a solid construction, I would hold it
on a ring clamp or inside ring clamp. Otherwise I would use a dop
with shellac to backup the piece. This is just a brief description of
the process.If you want me to be more precise, email me, but better
through Orchid, so that someone more experience could rise his/her
voice in case of anything wrong on my part. Best regards, Fernando. Spain