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Diagram of proposed booth display

Dear Orchid Members:

I think I need some help with this one, and I figured that this
warrants a new thread.

I am applying for a very prestigious One of a Kind Show in The
National Trade Center in the fair city of Toronto,
Canada…(my hometown). And since my Show experience is
limited to “one” show in the four years of actual jewelry making
I am asking for some help with an issue that I am not quite
familiar with.

I want to enclose a section of wording from the brochure and try
and explain what I need help with:

{Please submit a detailed diagram of your proposed booth
display. This is as important as your photographs as The One of
a Kind Show places a great emphasis on the visual display of
your work. Be as creative as you can be!}

Now, my question is…is there anyone out there that can
help me with this? I am looking for creative and constructive
help in regards to what is the most efficient display ideas for
jewelry related booths? If any of the people in Orchid are very
creative, intuitive about display ideas…I would love your

I figure that you should probably get in touch with me "OFF"
Orchid List…in case your email might be graphic in any nature,
or possibly too long a thread for those who are not interested
in milling through the list.

I can be reached at:

I have put together a package for this show which is quite
impressive: an artist’s bio in the form of a beautiful bi-fold
card, a resume in the form of a newsletter, 6 wonderfully
detailed photo’s of my work, and a head letter detailing
experiences and background, and an application for “The New
Artisan Scholarship Fund”. The only thing that I am still
having problems with is how to do this illustration of my “booth
display”, I will probably be going with a " 5 x 10 " booth as my
inventory really doesn’t call for anything larger. I have two
tall glass shelf cases, one wooden case with glass top , and a beautiful two level Art Deco style glass
case which also sits on a table and opens from the back. I would
either like my booth to look Modern and Tech, or the alternative
route was to be Posh and elegant. “Either would work with my

I recommend that anyone interested in helping me out with this
might go check out my Homepage to see the type of work that I
do…to inspire some ideas for display…

I really don’t have alot of time on this one, as the application
has to be submitted by Sept. 1/98…And today is Aug. 7.

Looking forward to hear feedback…I know the people on this
list are very diversified and extremely knowledgeable about all
aspects of the trade and figured this was definitely the way to

Bryna Tracy
Metalogic by Bryna Tracy
One of a Kind Jewelry and Design

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Hi Bryna,

I’m a survivor of the One of a Kind Show. Email me off line and
I’ll try to help you out.

too hot at the seashore - it’s not supposed to be like this here

Dear Colleen:

That would kinda be hard to do seeing as how you didn’t include
your email addy! LOL