Diacon Radish for patination

Has anybody heard of using Diacon Radish as a colouring agent for silver and various Japanese alloys?
I know I read an article about it a long time ago.

I’ve not heard of this but would be fascinated if it were true! For research purposes, the radish is spelled daikon.


I read a while ago about using daikon from Jim Kelso’s sit: JapanPatina
I think there are some articles in the archives about it too.

I believe a lot of the patinas you are looking for are in the book titled Japanese Patinas by Eitoku Sugimori

Top result of Google search of “daikon radish patina”:




Thanks Emily - I thought I had the spelling wrong but was too lazy to get up to check!

Sure thing! I did find some articles in the archives about it, just haven’t had time to sift yet.