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DGL Diamond certifiers

Hi All,

Quick question:

Has anyone heard off or know off “DGL diamond gemmological labs”?

I have been asked about setting a pair of stones with a cert by
these guys, but I’ve not heard of them before (please note I don’t
normally set diamonds anyway, so moving right along), I was just
wondering exactly how trust worthy is a cert from them? Like are they
in the same league as e.g. GIA etc.

I will probably pass on the job when I meet the enquirer on
Wednesday (this was a just before closing phone query I fielded
yesterday) anyway, but I will hopefully see the cert and or the
diamonds in the flesh, but till then I thought I’d try to find out
what I could about the certifier. What I have so far is their website
(not a huge amount of info to be had), and that they appear to be in
Israel. Website does look “quite professional” to my eye for what
vanishingly small amount that may be worth. LOL

Link to the site is:

Thanks for any help that may be in the wind!
Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.