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Developping a style

Hello everyone, First of all I like to say to Hanuman, "When you were
working part time in Ganoksin it was out of this world, what will it
be now that you are working full time? Wonderfull website, keep it up
and thank you very much.

I decided to learn carving and cutting so that I am not depending on
the stones that are sold on the market. I am sometimes working around
the idea that a stone inspires me. For example an aquamarine may give
me a sea view, then I add a sail boat on it. Or a beautiful agate
make me think of the mountains and trees I design a house with an
apple tree. You can see these in .

Also this year I have been quite busy. I like to say that after my
DGA I also passed finally my practical gemmology exam and received my
FGA. You can see what I have been doing since January in;

Kind regards from Turkey,
Oya Borahan