[Detroit] Show help Oct 20-23

Looking for show help in Detroit area Oct 20-23

My wife Lynn needs assistance for an art fair in the Detroit suburbs
later this month.

It’s an indoor show and admission is charged.

Set up help Oct 20 (noonish for about four hours) Break down Sunday
(show ends 5PM). Selling asssistance for three days approx 8AM

We’ve been doing this professionally for a long time. This would be
a good opportunity for someone who has their technical skills
together and would like to see how the selling part of the business
operates. We don’t want to limit the options as to who would be
appropriate. This person would be responsible; in that you do what
you say you’ll do; be punctual, the usual stuff.

Everything we do, we do on spec. It’s mainly gold jewelry. We do the
designs, cut the stones ( in the majority of cases ), manufacture (
as in the original sense, made by hand ) the product and sell at art
fairs from the east to the west.

Personal skills are necessary, as in being comfortable talking to
people. Lynn knows all the necessary info. You wouldn’t be expected
to know detail. This art fair isn’t especially busy; but when it is,
the person helping would be showing the customer the work, answering
questions, and when appropriate turning the customer over to Lynn.

If interested please respond offline and we’ll discuss the details
including compensation.

Kevin Kelly