Designs & discoveries


This is why Orchid is so awesome…

So many diverse view points…

As with children we do the best we can to protect them while
recognising that it is a rough world we bring them into…how are
our designs any different… they are in fact more vulnerable to the
world and less important in the long run…except as cultural

This is ultimately what our jewelry and all design is about…
statements of the condition of a given culture at a given time…

Some designs will resonate NOW and will sell like … crazy…
others will languish until “discovered” and “re-introduced” hahaha

All success is studied to be copied… yes, it is good ettiquette
to change the thing at least subtly…but hey when did ettiquette get
the police enforcement it so richly deserves hahahahahahahahahahahaha

If you have the money, time & energy to “protect” your designs…
then you prolly own stock in a law firm.

Or one can stay ahead of the curve by creating more “NEW” designs and
marketing them… just depends on where ones career choices

I guess it really comes down to ones definition of success… “one
of a kind” “limited production” or “as seen on TV” and the
penultimate marketing venue “QVC” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

People will but ANYTHING… will you be the one to sell it to them?
Ah, that is the bottom line…

God I love this list and all of the twists and turns it examines.

All the best to each and everyone.


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