Designing with cast in mind

I am relatively new to the casting process but I am developing
aproduction line and can’t avoid not casting my designs. What I’ve
noticed isthat if I have many soldered pieces, the connection point
in cast piece looks reallybad, although the model looks good. Also I
have multiple issues with bezel cast;often it doesn’t fit the stone
although shrinkage is taking into consideration. So, I am taking off
stones from most of my designs. Bottom line - casting is ahuge
frustration to me… My question to you - is it possible to have a
quality withcast? Should all my designs be created with cast in mind?
And what are the “do” and “don’t” when designing jewelry that must be
cast for production? Will greatly appreciate your responses

Did you get any tips? Did you learn anything?
I have the issue that the cleaning and finishing just takes too long for cast pieces.


would you be able to post examples of issues?


I would not hold my breath, the original post was 13 years ago and nothing until today :wink: