Designing job in Canada

Hi to all,

i am a jewelery designer from India. i have been supplying my
designs to some jewelers here in delhi. Now me and my husband are
planning to shift to toronto (CANADA). How should i pursue my career
there? I want to go for a designing job. How will i come to know
about the job opportunities for jewelery designers there?

Honey Diwaker

Hi Honey,

I’m a novice in the jewellery industry so I can’t really suggest the
“best” way to go about this. But here is my angle on this.

I live in Toronto and I’m finding it exceedingly difficult to make a
living as a jewellery designer. Basically the key is trying to get
your goods into boutiques and high-end shops. The owners of these
shops are very particular about what they want in their boutiques
and so you are at their mercy. Many shop owners will try to get you
to sell on consignment. Don’t do it unless you are desparate. Try to
look for boutiques that will buy up front from you.

Locations of the city to target:

Yorkville (Bay and Bloor Street), Bayview Village (Bayview Avenue),
Rosedale (Yonge Street and Rosedale)

These neighbourhoods that have high-end shops:

If you can afford it, I would open up a shop. It seems that foot
traffic and visibility is extremely important in this business.
Being seen by people, who might later become your customers. The
location of your shop is key too.

I’m curious to see if anyone else might post alternative suggestions
to your query.

Good luck!

I live in Canada. Here things are extremely different. There are few
job opportunties for designer so you have to do some tricky
footwork. I live in a small city in B.C. Here there is only one store
out of 25 that will accept a different design. Now they have a full
staff of their own designers. So I have set my own company with not
only new designs but I produce all the designs myself. With my making
the rings myself a lot of the stores are purchasing their own line. I
offered three designs to each store that I would not duplicate for
ant one else. Now I am sending my rings to Europe and England. Go to
the smaller stores but i bet they will have their castings done
elsewhere, so they may be interested in new designs.