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Designer's business conference set

Hello all,

Wanted to share with you our latest plans for designer business
education and invite all Orchid friends to join us on March 26,
1999 for MJSA92s Desig ner Day, a jewelry business conference, to
be held on at the Fashion Institute of Technology, 227 W. 27th St.
in New York City. This day-long seminar is open to everyone
interested in the jewelry designer industry. The attendance fee
is $75.00.

Designer Day92s eight-hour program will be moderated by me,
Cindy Edelstein of The Jeweler’s Resource Bureau. Speakers will
include expert designers suc h as Jose Hess, Paul Klecka, Lisa
Jenks, Robert Lee Morris, and others. Two panel sessions and six
workshops will address such timely topics as the importan ce of
establishing a cohesive business presence, the ins and outs of
running a designer manufacturing business, and how to turn the
best design ideas into a collection.

There will also be a resource room filled with your specialty
suppliers, too.

You can get more on Designer Day by calling me at
(914) 738-8 485 or via email at