Designer Jewelry Showcase - Final Deadline for '99

Hi everyone!

A few months ago, someone posted a question: Did anyone have
personal experience with the Designer Jewelry Showcase book? How
had the book performed for them?

I work at Serbin Communications as a sales rep on Designer
Jewelry Showcase, and so I posted a lengthy response, talking
about how the book works, and giving tips on handling the
marketing/sales process in general. You can find this posting in
the Orchid archives at:

I just wanted to stop in today to remind everyone that the final
deadline to be in the 1999 Designer Jewelry Showcase is August

If you haven’t been contacted by a sales person or received a
brochure, you will need to call our office immediately. The
number (in the States and Canada) is 1-800-876-6425. Just
explain why you are calling and you will be put through to the
appropriate person. Or you can email me at the above address and
I’ll put you in touch.


Beth Pierson