Design - practicing multiple disciplines


I have been operating to this point as “Cove Beads” and making beaded
type jewelry. Over the next few months, I will be adding in the new
metal work that I have been learning in school and becoming “Kim
Starbard Designs”. Also, I make the occasional braid using a
Japanese loom called a Maru Dai. Is there anyone on the list who
practices multiple disciplines and somehow brings them together in
their website? Any thoughts on tying things together would be
appreciated. I am thinking possibly of a front page on the website
that has links “beads” “braids” “baubles” and shows the different
work. Then having “new work” link to pieces the integrate the 3

I love working with metal, but I don’t just want to drop the other 2
types of work as they have their own merits as well.

Kim Starbard

Hi Kim, take a look at Helen Reiss’s website. She does an excellent
job of organizing separate jewelry design methods.


Leanne Elliott Soden
Pieces of Class