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Design of workspace

I’m a newbie to both Orchid and the jewelry business as a hobby.

I have noticed some layouts people use for their work bench in the
BenchExchange, and three things pop right out.

  1. Most of the desks seem to be quite narrow. Is the practical
    reason for this to gain easy access to storage areas above or on the
    wall within easy reach?

  2. Workbench tops seem to be quite thick, almost butcher’s block
    thickness. Does a 1" or more thickness have a practical

  3. There appears on many workbenches to be a circular cut out out
    of the centre of the space. Why is this? or is it more of a
    personal posture thing (closeness to the work, closeness to the wall,
    or as with number 1. arms reach to areas while sitting for long
    durations. I suppose that its easier to take a full sized
    workbench, and cut out the top rather than make a narrow workbench
    from scratch.

I have many other questions on technique.

Hope to be more involved with this list in the near future.

Trevor Ffrench