Design contracts

I’ve been talking with a local gentleman who will probably be making
the molds for me of my designs to be cast in silver and pewter. Does
anyone out there have a contract they rely on that I could have him
sign that states the designs are mine and not to be sold to anyone

While I know that there really isn’t anything new under the sun it
would be nice to at least make him think I’m a serious professional.
Thanks to this great group!


i use a confidentiality agreement that is fairly standard and
available in a package of pdf business forms from Socrates Media at
1-800-822-4566, they have tons of
different packages all fairly inexpensive designed by lawyers,
recognized in most states and handy in business and personal matters
and quite a range of topics…you can preview most online…if you buy
one product they giove deep discounts on others…and the licenses are
lifetime and the pdf’s are stores on one browser that is kept in your
programs or on your desktop…i can’t tell you how many times they
have come in handy from confidentiality issues to selling cars, LLC
creation, employee release of schedules, invoice
creation, delivery schedules, you name it…they have 'em…

Hi Kerry…

You (and everybody on this forum) should know about the VLA, the
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. I believe that every main city has
their own. Basically, do a search on line with the name of you state
and VLA and you should find it.

Last spring, I had my first disgruntled client… who, of course was
a lawyer. She ended up just not liking the pictures I sent out before
the ring went out, but it still got me thinking. So, I contacted the
VLA in MA, paid a minor processing fee, and because I’m still pretty
poor, had my contract drawn up for free. It just depends on your tax
returns on how much you will pay for the legal help. AND on my
contract, it states that they will handle any disputes. So,
basically, I now have a lawyer.

And when my first disgruntled client came back to me, and I had her
sign my contract, she treated me with more respect and said my
contract was very well written.

Hope that Helps!!!