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Description entry level bur set?


Well, my birthday present pendant to my wife was very well received,
that I showed on Facebook earlier. It only whets my appetite to do

I’m thinking about practicing with gypsy setting, as I hear that it
is even easier for a novice to achieve as a first setting project,
than a bezel. Maybe that’s not true, but at least that’s what I

The scale I have chosen to focus on is very small: 2 to 5
millimeters diameter for any faceted stone. I don’t know if gypsy
settings are appropriate for cabochon, but my preferred range would
be 5 to 12 millimeters.

Materials I would want to embed the gems in, are fine silver and rare
hardwoods, to give you some idea for hardness parameters.

Can anyone recommend the shapes, materials, sizes, and manufacturers
of a minimal bur set that I would need to purchase in order to make
some modest degree of self training feasible?

Andrew Jonathan Fine

gypsy or flush setting gems into metal can be quite difficult bezel
setting is easier to do, but not to do well and gyspy setting
standard profile cabachons is not as aesy as faceted stones.

good luck