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Deoxidized Sterling Silver?

Hi everyone This may seem silly :slight_smile: , but what is "deoxidized"
sterling silver? A few people have mentioned it, and I am perplexed.
Thank alot, ahead of time. Karen Seidel-Bahr the ‘ROCKLADY’
@Rocklady K.I.S. Creations May your gems always “Sparkle”

De-ox silver is a type of sterling silver that uses additional
alloys (such as indium) which oxidizes at a much slower rate than
just copper and zinc. It’s still 92.5% pure silver. With the
different alloys, the melting point is higher as we discovered when
we first used it in casting. I enjoy using it, now that I know what
temperature to use for casting (thanks to Hoover and Strong’s very
informative catalog).

JoAnna Kelleher
Pearl Exotics Trading Company
Progressive Jewelry - Casting Services - Tahitian Pearls

what is "deoxidized"  sterling silver? 

Karen, I think the reference is to the silicon-deoxidized fire-stain
free 925 silver developed by Tony Eccles the jeweller-owner of Apecs
Investment Casting in Australia some years ago - very clever man is
our Tony !

Some useful about chemical and physical characteristics
of the material is heRe:

I believe United Precious Metal Refining is the US distributor of
this and the related silicon-deoxidized golds from APECS.

Al Heywood