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Denver Robbery Alert

To all Orchidians and their business associates,

Here is a recently alert issued by the Jewelers’ Security Alliance as
reported in JCK’s e-Monday newsletter today.

An Alert Issued to Traveling Salespersons in Denver – JCK-Jewelers
Circular Keystone, 11/22/2006 11:04:00 AM The Jewelers’ Security
Alliance reports that the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force,
composed of FBI and local police personnel, has issued an “Alert” for
the Denver, Colo., area for traveling jewelry salespersons.

The alert states that there have been six robberies of traveling
jewelry salespersons in the Denver area since March 2006 by members
of South American Theft Groups. The most recent robbery was in a
hotel parking lot on Nov. 14 and that the total value of the six
robberies is estimated at $5.1 million.

The alert lists the following common elements of the six robberies:

  • Victims had visited either the Merchandise Mart, the Jewelry
    Exchange Building or Cherry Creek jewelry stores prior to the

  • The suspects were seen on surveillance cameras following the
    victims for up to three days prior to the robberies.

  • The suspects drove multiple rental-style vehicles most commonly
    Dodge Grand Caravans, Chevrolet Impalas or Chevrolet Trailblazers
    while following the victims. * The suspects numbered from 3 to 8,
    comprised of light or dark-skinned males with ages ranging from 20 to

  1. Suspects used knives or guns to commit the robberies.
  • The suspects were able to determine prior to the robbery that the
    victim was carrying a line and where the line was in the vehicle. In
    the past these groups have used females to scout the victims while
    they are in jewelry stores showing their lines.

If you are a traveling jewelry salesperson and think you are being
followed, call 303-629-7171, the main number of the Denver FBI, and
ask for Agent Grusing or Det. Woodward. If you know you are being
followed and the criteria matches this alert, dial 911.

Be Cautious if your are a salesperson or a buyer while visiting these
Denver locations.