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Denver gem shows credentials

I will be attending the Denver gem shows in September.

I am planning to bring:
State of Minnesota sales tax certificate for M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
Invoices from Stuller Inc.
Invoices from Stebgo Metals, Inc., my refiner
Invoices from Racecar Jewelry, one of my casters

Will this be sufficient info to allow me entry into the wholesale
portions of the shows? I have not attended this kind of show in the
past, so I want to be sure I will get in smoothly. I am not listed
in JBT, and I do not own a store. I have been in business full-time
for 39 years as an independent designer-maker.

Thank you,
M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler

I live in Boulder and will also be attending the denver shows in
September. I have never needed anything besides my tax id. but it
doesn’t hurt to have invoices with you especially since you are
coming from out of state. Be prepared though, this is not anything
like the Tucson show, which is fabulous, this is still pretty small
potatoes. Margery Hirschey

Hi M’lou,

I live about 55 mile north of Denver in Fort Collins. I attend this
show and the quarterly Gem and Jewelry shows. The biggest thing is
your tax license and the other documents won’t hurt.

Check out some of the exhibitors websites. You might be able to get
free or discounted passes as well.

I am going, but don’t know what dates. My wife hasn’t told me when I
can play yet.

Ken Moore