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Delicate Bur Work

Thought I would post my two cents worth here. I dont know how many
of you find yourself wishing constantly it was easier to control
your flexshaft when doing a lot of detailed bur work.(I am sure we
all know too well what a pain it can be when the bur you are using
decides it would rather be moving somewhere else) :smiley:

I came across a useful setup about a year ago and have been using it
ever since for anything detailed and delicate. A foredom #35 speed
increasing handpiece. set up on a flexshaft that has a manual
control dial and a foot control both on it. we use the manual dial
turned rather low to limit the speed. while the handpiece is kicking
the speed up 2.5 times normal its still oddly much easier to control
then a normal handpiece is. (hmm maybe because its lowering the
torque or something to increase the speed. any thoughts people?)

Found this out while experimenting with diamond flywheel cutting a
year ago. dont think I could ever go back to a normal handpiece for
anything delicate ever again. Oddly enough I dont really find much
use for diamond cutting, and rarely if ever use the flywheels. but
the handpiece has gotten a lot of constant use over the last year.
you simply dont push with the flexshaft and just let the high speed
do the cutting work with the bur. (getting excellent results doing
engraving work with.25mm round burs for instance. as well as krause
burs etc)

Ryan Cazier

The faster the cutter goes, the smaller/thinner “bite” it can cut per
revolution thus a much smoother and more controllable cut can be
made. Also if the burr is not forced into the material, the burr
should stay cooler than if were running slower and taking a bigger
bite each cutter revolution. Dentists are using 100,000 - 200,000
rpm units as less heat (for patient and cutter/bit), smoother cutting
and more control.

John Dach

interesting. I never thought about it that way. been wondering why it
worked so well for quite some time :smiley: ty


The most inexpensive system for the very high speed turbine carvers
is: The cutters take a very delicate touch
but can do very fine work.


The most inexpensive system for the very high speed turbine
carvers is: The cutters take a very
delicate touch but can do very fine work. 

I checked the link and had a look. I bought something similar and I
am still coming to terms with it. If you don’t often wear safety
glasses you surely will. I need to build something into the bench to
catch the lamel as it comes off fast. You have to watch slipping and
if you push the burr a way that won’t work, it will flip out - like
driving a F1 car.

It looks good and sounds awsome, and if I started working with it
instead of a pendant motor, I would be better for it.

I also looked at the list of burrs and their usefullness (handy).
Has anybody ever seen a twist drill for a friction grip burr?