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Delft Clay Aluminum Frame


Thomas, In response to the info regarding the Aluminium molds for the
Delft Clay. If you would be willing to provide me with a sample sketch
of the die set you are using I will be more than happy to machine them
for any one who is interested. We have just added to our tool room a
new Vertical Machining Centre that will accommodate this very easily.

We have expanded our operation to keep up with your needs. Currently
we offer access to the following machines for anyone that requires
work machined.

1) Haas VMC        This is my new baby, a healthy 7000 lb baby :-)
2) Sanders Rapid Prototyping Machine
3) Roland CAMM3000
4) MaxNC

The CAD can be produced on your system or produced completely by us.
Software we use:- 1) SolidWorks. 2) WorkNC. 3) AlphaCam. 4) CamWorks.

Apart from the jewelry models we also offer:- metal molds, jigs and
fixtures for production etc. etc. etc. We also offer competitive
pricing on volume casting orders. We can develop whole lines with the
utmost discretion for those designers who are looking for a reliable
team to do Business with.

Best Regards.
Neil George.