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Deleting a post

How do I delete a post?

And while I am on the subject, how does one delete your Orchid account?


Hi @meevis - You can “remove” one of your posts by pressing the three dots at the bottom of the post. That opens up a menu bar and you can click the trash can. A moderator reviews the removal, and if they take no action to reverse the removal, the post is permanently deleted after 24 hours.

To cancel your Orchid account, you can just cancel your Ganoksin account and your account will be closed. The forum software doesn’t allow someone to “delete” their account. Much of the content on Orchid is contextual, so if people cancelled and deleted their posts, all of the other posts would appear completely out of context.

If you or anyone has specific requests with regard to deletions, kindly direct them to "" and we handle them on a case-by-case basis.

Hans, Are you talking of deleting posts you don’t want to read? I’m hoping to always see your wonderful
creations and instructions on Orchid. Best, Mary A

I would hate to see you go!

You should know that your contributions and amazing creations are valued. I hope to continue enjoying what you post and the excellent Dino pieces - not to mention the descriptions you provide. Many a chuckle upon reading those!
Judy in Kansas, where Dec. 25 is slated for thunder storms…whaaaat? Could the forecast be wrong?


Are you saying that an Orchid member can delete a post, and,
delete an Orchid account,? BUT, past posts will stay with Orchid in
order for previous Orchid context to not be impacted?

Mary A

Hi Mary, We covered this in some depth a few months ago when we changed from the previous mailing list format to the forum format. You can’t “delete” an account - you can stop participating, and cancel your account (so you can’t login, can’t get notifications, won’t get charged again if you are a paying member, etc).

Orchid is, always was, and will forever remain, a public forum. Once you post, that post is publicly available and it remains archived in perpetuity. One can always cease participating, but the content you’ve already contributed remains available to the public. Forever.

Orchid has always operated in this manner - the discussions have been archived since 1996.

A member can modify a post shortly after posting, just to make a quick correction. They can even remove a post, again within a relatively short window, and that post may or may not be deleted (a moderator needs to approve a deletion).

Hi Christopher….I don’t recall touching anything! I’m still here, but like FB better!

Rose Marie

No, I just was asking because sometimes I post and then I want to add to that post so I thought that if I delete the first post and then re post the new one it would be better. Otherwise the post gets so long it reached Mars before Elon Musk does.

I have no intention of deleting my account.

I think Seth and Leah are doing a brilliant job in resurrecting Orchid.

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