Decorating and designs on metal sheet

Hello! I am looking for ways to enhance the look of metal sheet. I
typically cut out shapes for my designs lately and have a few stamps,
but still feel like my pieces are a little one-dimensional. I was
wondering if using a bur would work… still not sure of all the
different ones and their names or functions. I like the look of hand
engraving, but maybe would rather try an etched look without the
acid. Can anyone offer any tips?

Also, I’m not sure how to share images of my work in the forums.
I’ve found the link but it doesn’t really explain how to upload.
Thank you.

Galvanic etching etches using electricity rather than the acids. so
that might be an option to look at. I got my rolling mill (a cheap
imported used one) for imprinting texture onto my metal. You can
also pierce and layer. chasing and repousse’… leather sand bag and
Delrin or nylon hammer…

Have fun!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Roll printing seems an obvious choice.

Elliot Nesterman

What if you don’t want the whole piece to be patterned, though? Or
have different designed on the same piece?