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Dealings with China

I recently received a solicitation for a large order from a jeweler
in China to act as a distributor for me. Has anyone done business
with a gentleman named Ping Sun? Are there any special considerations
as an American importing finished silver and gold jewelry to China?


Hi Mick, I often heard that Asian people don’t understand such words
like “fair trade” as we usually do. They don’t believe in long term
relationship. If a Chinese talks you about long term relationship,
that means that you send the stuff right now and you get your money
much later, when you get it. So, be paid first and send the goods once
you have been paid, not before. Good luck ! Yann

mick - the only i have heard from a few dealing with china
is that the associations were short-lived; designs stolen;
restitution, recompense, resolution: unattainable. if i am being
unfair, sorry, but as the plaque on the camp wall says: those who do
not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. good luck - ive

I have also been contacted by people from China and they have asked
to be a distributor of my products in China… They mentioned that
they had been to my website and found " many" items that they would
be interested in. I find this to be very strange as most of what my
website contains is Jewelry that I make for race car fans ( as in
Racing) and I’m pretty sure that there is no Nascar tracks or
Racetracks for cars in China. Other than that, I have a few simple
ring and earring designs of my own creation on the website. So, As a
result, I believe that they are looking for styles to knock off/copy
easily and then sell them in the usa for less. Thats is only my
opinion and I would suggest not responding as they will make whatever
they want anyhow… They will only be using your first few items to
copy…and sell around the world !

Daniel Grandi
We do casting/finishing /model making by hand and cnc for
people in the trade.

Hello- Well there must be rash of this kind of thing going around in
the email. I received a very similar email this morning. Evidently
they want my work in Taiwan. Yeah right!

Just to back up what other people are saying on this thread. My
father in law took some birdhouse prototypes to China for import
reproductionn wood and six weeks later unapproved resin copies of
his designs were in the local hardware store. What a nightmare. Of
course I am not saying that everyone is out to get you but do proceed
with caution.

Good luck on your Christmas preparations-