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Dead ducks and lead etc

Hi all

I’m not sure how to say this but it seems to me a lot of persons
are taking this bit about pollution and exposure to solids and
liquids to extremes. I am not trying to diminish the hazards but
common sense should prevail. For instance a recent posting about
lead weights used by divers. Lead is a stable element and lead
weights on a diver in an ocean or lake full of water I would
think pose perhaps the least hazard possible of anything.

And about ducks dying because of the ingestion of lead shot.
That I suppose is possible and dead ducks have been found with
lead in their crops, but dead ducks also have been found with
just about everything else in their crops. One well known
organization advertises that their aim is to protect waterfowl
etc., and have said that lead can kill ducks that have ingested
lead. Can’t argue against, that but the same advertisement also
says that if you want to assist them in protecting waterfowl to
send your contribution to… .

I don’t think the above should have appeared on this net. If
there is a real danger, like when using cyanide, then a warning
to all is very valid. Commonsense please.

This is but one persons opinion and should be understood as

…Leo Doucet…Ca.

A few moments ago, I responded to Mr. Doucet’s message which I
have included below, for reference. Mr. Doucet is right about
one thing in particular. Perhaps this was not the best forum
for the original message, or my reply. My apologoes to each of
you, and especially to Mr. Doucet.

Obviously, this is something I feel strongly about. I retract
nothing I have said. However, the participants in this specific
thread on ducks, including all but Mr. Doucet, have not done a
good job in establishing the relevance of the

I will be happy to continue this thread off-line, in what I hope
is a friendly but spirited fashion!

just two more cents worth!

It has been demonstrated that many ducks are dying of lead
poisoning. Lead or lead oxides or some other lead compounds need
to be absorbed by the digestive system for an animal to die in
this way. The lead poisoning also seems to do more than just
cause them to die, but also reduces their ability to procreate.
While I cannot quote you the sources for this, I have seen
these sources referenced by academicians and scientists in whose
reputation I trust. Unless you reject the results of legitimate
studies, and therefore reject the scientific method as well, the
proof seems rather strong to me. You do accept the scientific
method, don’t you? ;^)

As to appealing for funds, research of this type is expensive.
If it is to be done, it must be paid for somehow.

Please pardon the soapbox, just my $0.02 worth!

Marrin Fleet
Memphis, TN