[DC] Instructor opportunity

Hello All,

I am interested in exploring the possibility of adding day classes,
and workshops, at Jewelryclassdc, a Metro DC area jewelry school.

My fully equipped studio is not being used presently during daytime
hours, I would like to like to talk with like minded goldsmiths, or
silversmiths regarding their teaching 1 -2 weekday classes at my
facility, I would also like to explore the idea of visiting Smiths
using my studio for varied workshops.

My first priority is that we share a similar philosophy towards
teaching, I love to teach, I am very involved with my students, I
want to help them realize their design ideas. My classes tend to be
project oriented, I sneak as much chemistry, metallurgy, and
technique in as I can while making sure that Jewelryclassdc is an
enjoyable experience. All work is done in Sterling.

If this is of interest to you, Please contact me directly.


As a suggestion, you could make it “on air” via the internet or
make/sell CD’s. I am learning but due to several limitations I have
to learn via CD’s, etc.