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[DC] [Class] Engraving class

I am giving a three-day class teaching about the uses of gravers.
The dates are July 1-2-3 in Washington, DC. This will be an in-depth
training session explaining the many uses of gravers in gem-stone
setting. The topics will be graver-modification, paper polishing and
using the Onglette & Flat blades. Don’t miss this class!!! Extensive
training & teaching Bead-Setting as the main topic.

See you there. Gerry!

Folks if you are in his area take Gerry’s class. For stone setting
it’s ALL about the gravers ad how they are prepared. Really. The
right graver with a perfect cutting edge and a perfectly polished
belly makes such a huge difference.

When teaching stone setting out here on the left coast I always
spend a least a day on graver prep. It’s a chore but oh so important.

Jo Haemer