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Daylight spectrum

hi took this off another topic i was reading ;

Daylight is really to be desired in a studio for a number of
reasonscolors are true for one.. If you can't have a window (and
maybe one can be put in?) 

just want to make sure, in case there’s any question, that people
know that the most optimal light is daylight SUN, however you can
get it, proof of this is that if you are working under your favorite
lighting, be it full spectrum flourescent, halogen, 200watt
incandescent, and a ray of sunlight hits the piece at the same
time, i, for one, will be going outside to work!!!, cause there’s
no comparison, the sun breathes energy into a piece, i have a
schleper bench that i move into position when the clear weather is

For those of us who work in our shops mainly at night only, the
"sunlight" full spectrum compact fluorescent lights work quite well.

Especially if you’re like me and have a really beloved old swingarm
light with an incandescent socket- the compact fluorescents don’t
get hot, even if you forget to turn the off for a couple days.
(don’t ask. Really.) The light they put out is really easy on the
eyes as well, and unlike sunlight, you can direct it. Which is handy
if you do something like carve small pieces of wood or do engraving.

Nothing beats natural indirect sunlight for taking photos of your
work though.