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Day light box

Attn Roy Wikman

  1. Indirect light. 2. Flat pure white surface 3. Shadowless

The Daylight box is made of Unbreakable Molded plastic. It uses
indirect light from 3 built n Halogen bulbs (white light). The light
bounces off the flat non glossy pure white plastic surface of all the
six sides of the box. You do not need a flash or any other light
source. This prevents any hotspots, gives you a shadow less surface
and yet give you a studio in a box feeling. The Bulbs are of low
voltage and the unit actually comes with a Transformer.

Kenneth Singh

I must have missed info about the Daylight Box. Where does one
purchase it?

Thanks. Louise

For those of us who do not have the time to build/set up our own
light boxes, are there a number of sources where such boxes can be