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David Geller's JewelerProfit


Speaking of modern technology…(micro pave last), as I read
everyones Orchid posts almost every day, I often see links to all of
your web sites, so occasionally when the mood strikes me I’lI check
them out. Today I did that with David Geller’s web site and was
really surprised to see a computer animation of the real David
staring back at me, speaking in David’s voice, touting his product.
A book helping Jewelry store owners to become more profitable.

I am not a jewelry store owner, but it was so engaging, I watched the
whole thing. It is especially good at the end where the computer
animation of David just smiles turns his head slightly and blinks at
you…lol… Just something to break up the day, or…if you
aaaaarrre a jewelry store owner…maybe a way to improve profit! Go
to to see it.

Lisa, (Weed whackers aplenty on my hill today. Brush clearance season
to try and circumvent fire season. There’s a price for living in a
beautiful place) Topanga, CA USA

David just smiles turns his head slightly and blinks at you. 

I just took a look at the site and watched the intro…captivating
and first class. But don’t underestimate the value of David Geller’s
Blue Book because of the cute animation. This guy knows what he is
talking about. (He is an 11th generation bench jeweler!)

Based on personal experience and feedback from jewelers who have
followed David’s program, I can say it is appropriately named,
JewelersProfit. I include it in my class on Trade Practices.

From beginning to end, David has the entire process laid out,
guaranteed to make a profit; and it makes total sense. The key is to
price your work correctly. Getting there is a bit more complicated,
but everything you need to know is in the Blue Book.

Just my personal feedback,


Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts, Inc.
760 Market Street
Suite 900
San Francisco
California 94102