David Cruickshank - Jewelry Gallery

I have a Scottish graduate Diploma in Silversmithing and Graphic Design,
1963. Studied in Denmark, silversmithing and enamelling before returning to London. Post graduate Art Teachers Certificate.
After several years teaching I opened my own business in 1971 then moved to Australia in 1982.
Over the years I retrained myself as a jeweller and have taken on all sorts of work, though I still do the occasional piece of silversmithing.
I have supplied shops and galleries with both commercial and artistic work. I developed a range of titanium and 18ct gold rings, in the 1980s
Now I am producing a range of titanium ear drops and pendants double cut on a lathe to produce a moire effect and then heat colouring them.

This is a selection of work made over the past 10 years representing the different styles of I have enjoyed making.
the 4 ‘Moroccan Memoirs’ are part of a collection of 24 pieces influenced by my several visits to Morocco.


Blue Door

Blue Door


Mosque Garden

Reverse Garden

Card Holder

Candle Sticks



Salt & Pepper

Bush Fire

Coil Bangle

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Spiral Bangle

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Forged Necklace



Layered Rivet Ring

Materials: 18ct red and white gold and titanium

One of my titanium and 18 gold layered rivetted rings

Photo credit: David Cruickshank

Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire and Diamond ring
Materials: 18ct whitegold, Pink Sapphire, Pave set Diamonds.

Photo credit: David Cruickshank

Hammer set Diamond and rivet ring.

Materials: 18ct yellow and white Gold and hammer set Fine Diamonds

Photo credit: David Cruickshank