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David Barzilay "Lord of the Rings" passed away


“a man of knowledge has passed away”, in my feelings, he is was ‘one
of the best’ around here. When ever I saw his name too, I stopped and
read his postings, but alas no more!!!

Gerry from Toronto, Canada!


I’ve only been a member of Orchid a short time, but I quickly
learned Mr. Barzilay’s posts were always a “gem”.

Condolences to his family.

Debra Weller
Weller’s Jewelry
Mesa, AZ


Such sad news. I met David at the Tucson Orchid Dinner in '03. I
remember him as an optomistic and bright man who enjoyed putting
faces to the names on Orchid. We will all miss his generous spirit
and well-spoken postings.

Judy in Kansas


Having read his posts on Orchid and having a few off line
communications; he is someone I wish I had had the opportunity to
meet in person.

Kevin Kelly


I am very sad to hear of David’s death. He was always a source of
good advice and inspiration. He will be missed.

Debby Hoffmaster


David, Thank you for your contributions to Orchid and your
friendship and your sharing. I will miss you.

Sam Patania


I too am so saddened to hear of David’s passing.

Until just prior to the 2004 Tucson shows I knew David only through
his Orchid postings. At that time I made his acquaintance off-list
and was fortunate to meet him at the Orchid dinner and have truly
enjoyed our exchanges since that time.

Beyond the wealth of knowledge he readily shared with our community,
I will cherish his wit, joy, and exuberance. I offer my sincere
condolences to his family and other friends. I will miss him.

Pam Chott


So sorry to hear this. I will miss his posts. He was omnipresent on
this board and an essential voice. Shocking news.


We,too,were saddened to hear of David’s passing…We extend our
condolences to his family and though we had never the honor to meet
in person,we thoroughly enjoyed his postings… They were always
very professional and informative…What a generous & knowledgable
person & fellow metalsmith…Thank you David for all that you’d

Sincerely, Jo-Ann & John Donivan - San Francisco, CA


wish i got out to meet him, sent him some pics and he said to stop
by anytime i was in l.a., is there any in depth biography we could
read, pictures we could see, how he died, etc.,dp


I never knew David other than by his posts on Orchid but I’m sure if
we had met we would have had much in common. I will miss his posts
here but can take comfort in the thought that he has left us a
wonderful fund of his knowledge in the archives. My condolences and
best wishes to his family in this difficult time.

Best Wishes
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK


Gentleman, Scholar and Jeweler…

Gary W. Bourbonais


So sorry to hear of David’s passing. I never had an opportunity to
meet him but we exchanged messages on various subjects many times
over the past few years.

So sad to see one of our own bid us farewell. My condolences go out
to his family. He will be sorely missed by our community!

Don in SOFL.


I have read all the posts about David, and I have promised myself to
be always available for my friends, family and acquaintances, and to
try my very best to say the things that matter while they are still
around me to hear it!

Thank you Orchid for all the great posts! You shall be missed



I am so sorry to hear the news about David Barzilay. He certainly
embodied the spirit of Orchid in the highest way. What a truly
generous and knowledgeable man, so ready to share his wisdom in a
light and spirited manner.

My condolences to his family and friends…he will be greatly
missed. I am certain that this world has been made a better place
because of his presence in it. I believe that we Orchidians will
carry on his legacy with all of our members creating beautiful and
finely crafted jewelry for years to come, using the knowledge,
tips, and suggestions passed on to us over these years from David.

May we also all learn the sense of generous and open sharing of
knowledge that David was such a prime example of. In those ways, he
lives on.


Karen Olsen Ramsey


I got the Digest last night and Hanuman’s headline was such a shock
that it took me a while to stop crying enough to read the rest of it.

David had reached out to me when I asked for help with my tourmaline
ring, and we had begun exchanging brief off-list emails: first about
politics (he was so funny), then about meditation and the (related)
possibility of leaving California. In his last email, he said that he
and his wife were considering a move to rural Virginia. But I was
slow in responding, and now I discover that I sent my response the
day after he died.

So much for plans. What a reminder that everything here will soon
pass away.

But, for me, it’s also a revelation of something I didn’t quite
realize: how many of the people I love and cherish have appeared to
me only as words on a screen. I love this community, and I love many
of you as individuals, and some of you, with whom I have shared (and
who have shared with me) in deeply personal ways, I love very deeply.

Love is a miracle anyway, but what do we make of this strange new
vehicle that can create love so easily? At the risk of sounding
inflated, I wonder, could we be weaving part of a web that can save
the world? I think David would like that idea.

Thank you, Hanuman, for facilitating this love.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments


Hi All,

As a long time friend of David’s I have saved all your kind messages
onto a disc that is being hand delivered to Lisa, David’s wife.

One last story from David’s final days…

He knew my wife Donna Ballard very well as a customer, neighbor in
607 Hill and friend. When David heard Donna was applying for a job
with another friend of his he virtually guaranteed her the job by
calling ahead and insisting she be interviewed with favor. What a
guy. Needless to say she got the job. Started Monday and did not get
the chance to thank David in person. Needless to say he’ll be thanked
in our prayers.

Daniel Ballard


David Barzilay “Lord of the Rings” passed away

Hope David is in hands of the Lord of the Skies, where he belongs.

A person so unselfish and good should be in total happiness.

We pray for the ones left behind, may they have peace.

Happiness to all,
Juan Pablo Martenez Mansilla
Grupo Rex Nisi, S.A.
Calzada Roosevelt 33-86 Z.7 Edificio Ilumina Of. 801.
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala, Centroam=E9rica.
Tels.:++(502) 2439 7003 - 2439 7007
Fax.: ++(502) 2439 7005


David Barzilay’s passing has shown me how possible it is to feel
connected to someone you’ve never actually met. I regret that I
never had the chance, but even in the few years since I joined the
Orchid forum, I enjoyed the experience and wisdom that he shared
with us all.

With sympathy,

Jessee Smith
Cincinnati, Ohio


My deepest sympathy to David’s family and friends. Though I had never
met him, I always enjoyed reading his posts, thoughts and opinions.
He will be greatly missed here.

julia potts
julia potts studios