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Dark Gray/Black Patina for Silver-plate

Good morning folks,

I’ve been using Technic’s Tech-ox “P” for decades, but even diluted,
it’s very difficult to remove from items that have been plated. I
don’t like liver of sulfur for many reasons. Does ANYONE know of a
good natural looking patina that really “sticks” to the metal? I
need something that can easily be removed by hand with silver polish
without having to scrub so hard that the plate itself come off.

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Many thanks,

Jeffrey Herman, Silversmith
Herman Silver Restoration & Conservation
PO Box 72839
Providence, RI 02907
Fax: 401/461-6841

Try “rapid selinium toner” It is a Kodac photo finishing product. It
has kind of gone the way of hoop skirts as far as photographers are
concerned, but they still make it. You will probably need to special
order it. It rubs off much easier than liver of sulpher or Jax Black
(tellurium dioxide) and it works on de-ox silver. Gives more of a
blue-black than Jax, which tends to be more gray. I actually use both
Jax and the photo toner for my work with de-ox silver. The Jax makes a
hard, more enduring black and the toner finishes it off with a better

Stephen Walker


Check the archives for the last part of "04 for posts on the use of
chlorine for antiqueing. I think it’sd great! :slight_smile:

[Orchid] Quick and dirty silver patina?

Jerry in Kodiak