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Dapping blocks and punches for silver work?

Dear All,

Can anyone advise me on dapping blocks and punches that are good for
silver and brass work? I’ve heard that some brands should be avoided,
because they are not machined smoothly and can leave marks on the
metal that take extra work to remove.

Thank you.

Hi Eve

I have the PEPE brand, is inexpensive I maintain the swage and
dapping blocks, the punches and the disk cutting tools periodically
and check them for rust every week or so and re-polish with ZAM every
two years the punches when they get no shiny. And they work very good
for me, I cover them for dust. I think that they are good tools.

Gustavo Suarez


I can’t tell you what to avoid, but I can tell you that I have a set
by Pepe that I’m very happy with. No affiliation, just a satisfied


I like the 25 pc Doming Block and Punch Set #93539 for $34.99 from
Harbor Freight and the 9 pc Punch and Die Set #95547 for $26.99 also



Examine any sets you are considering buying or before you accept
them: (if ordered by mail) open the package and ensure they are
without any pitting, rust, scratches, etc.and the stakes enamel is in
god condition without chipping and obviously not a returned and
re-shelved item. despite what some on this forum say about tool
prices being directly reflected in their quality it is simply not
true in dapping sets and punches.

I own PEPE tools, harbour freight and, a few fretz stakes- the
harbour freight set works completely the same as the more expensive
fretz stakes in the same styles. The PEPE sets are equally as good
(the bases a bit better and the PEPE tools marks the sizes of the
punches on the base) as the harbour freight sets. I did buy some
really cheap punches from Finding King online- and like all other
products I had purchased from them before they were all not worth the
postage (a bikram they sold me had to be replaced twice before I just
got a refund).

I would advise everyone from buying from Finding King. Besides their
unethical practise of selling products as branded Foredom parts and
accessories when they were not at all near Foredom quality their
products are very low quality or not what they are advertised to be,
or the advertising is misleading.

Though my opinion does not mirror other contributors to this forum
that state price reflects the quality you get, price is not always
the indicator nor does it dictate a perfectly functional and lasting
quality tool or set of tools. The harbour freight set should be
opened as some have said on this forum that some punches were
duplicated or missing (in my experience buying many HF sets that was
never the case- the only problem I ever encountered was some failing
enamel on one single punch out of over 20 sets for a school, and
still more for students of mine). But when it comes down to a
reasonably priced dapping set that will last longer than a wooden
one, the harbour freight set should serve you well for as many years
as any other as long as you protect the punches with cosmoline or any
light oil and don’t damage them by using inappropriate or other than
polished hammers or mallets (a brass or copper mallet is what I would
recommend for forming anealled silver).


Hello all,

Sorry to be negative also about Finding Kings…but alas:

I oredered the largest dapping block($69)-largest sphere was 50mm.
almost 2 inches, I believe. I got a smaller cheaper version- till
45mm. I live in The Netherlands, so shipping it back and all, was a
lot of time and money, so finally they agreed to sent me a new
one… The sent me a little vise ($14.95). I phoned them from Europe
few times; I have to say that they were extremey helpfull and kind.
But unfortunately: the dapping block I wanted,and paid for, was sold
out…and would not be replaced.

Since I could keep the smaller one, I also ordered a 31 punch set. I
got it alright… but they are soft as butter! believe me: when I
say butter, I mean butter : )

I am quite dissapointed.

Rio Grande for me from now on!

ps. the dapping block is fine, by the way- it’s hareder than the