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Danish book

Post Reference:


I E-mailed the author in Denmark and was able to purchase her
jewelry book directly. The book is in Danish (you should see
people’s faces when they notice an Asian-American reading a Danish
book) and there are a few words that don’t appear in the library’s
Danish dictionary.

Now, I don’t really need to translate these words because the book
is well illustrated. Curiosity is the only reason to ask if any of
you know these Danish words:


(The a in hand has a circle over it, and wherever you see an ae,
they’re actually conjoined to make one character.)


“Many times it is the clean and simple [linjer] that give the most
elegant results.”

“This simpler techniques gives better results because it does not
take such a long time to become familiar with its

A project that calls for weaving with silver wiRe: “Make a [spjaeld]
by pulling one wire up, the next wire down, the next up, etc., all
the way across. Lay the weaver wire across the [spjaeld]. Repeat,
this time pulling the down wires up and the up wires down.” A
weaver would call the spjaeld a “shed.”


Janet: I checked with Martindale’s Reference Library in the language/translation
section. I found “linjer” to mean “line”. I found “spjaeld” which
offered many meanings for different areas. Meanings offered weRe:
Damper, Throttle; Butterfly valve’ and Baffle. I would think Baffle
would work for you. As for “handvaerksmaessige”, there were no
tranlations. “handvaerk” translated to mean “craft”. There seemed
to be no word “maessige”. I would think it would translate into
something like “become familiar with its craft’s method”? That’s the
best I could do. Maybe it’s a start. Kay

Linjer lines stright or tight stonng and simple lines in a design.

drawn lines, power-lines… Handverksmessig well done handicraft
spjaeld Here it is opening a couple of wires or jump rings so you
can pull another wire in between. (Also…an opening in an oven to
give air og let the smoko go in the right direction)

(Norwegian) almost same language…