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Daniel Brush Book

Andy, You will indeed be blown away by Daniel Brush’s body of work.
The sheer virtuosity in numbing, but when you read about the man,
you’ll get some inkling of what kind of single-minded dedication is
required to produce the work. I don’t think many people in this
world can dedicate themselves for decades in pursuit of this kind of
work. He does EVERYTHING himself and has obviously spent enormous
amounts of time perfecting his technique, be in it machining, tool
making, granule production, etc.

I bought my copy through for $45.00 plus shipping as
opposed to the $65.00 list price.

Enjoy the book.
Donna Shimazu

dear ms. Shimazu I am a huge fan of Daniel Brushes work ,saw his work
on display,the book is much better my reason for writing this message
to you is…yes it does take an amazing amount of discipline and single
mindedness to the verge of selfishness,but none of the great ones have
been alone in there quest,there has always been some one else helping
them with their daily life…otherwise they would never make it,in mar.
Brushes book there is a hint of a companion or a younger wife ??? who
has diligently taken care of his daily life details,for years. we
always forget about that part ,when we are talking about great
creators and thinkers…most of them have always had somebody…helping.

A great way to look for the lowest price for Books is
I just checked out the Daniel Brush Book – One place has it for
$41.75 New; another for $40.00 in good used condition. When you look
for a book, they list a whole bunch of booksellers, with prices for
new and used books. Hope this is helpful. Sandra

Hello Hratch, Daniel Brush has a wife and son. His wife has been
completely supportive. Several influential collectors and connoisseurs
have purchased his work over the years. He has been able, as a result
of this support, to hole up and concentrate on his work.

If you’ve read the essays in DANIEL BRUSH: GOLD WITHOUT BOUNDARIES
you’ll get a feel for how “zen” he is about his work. He gets in the
mood by spending a couple of hours a day sweeping his studio. He
doesn’t like change and chaos. He’s eaten Cheerios every day for
breakfast for over 20 years. He’s eaten pea soup for lunch everyday
for 20+ years. His “Second Dome” piece has 78,000 hand-made gold
granules that are accurate to within .0001 inch. It took over 600
hours and after he set up the granules, he waited another 2 years
before he was able to muster up the fortitude to fuse the granules.
He makes his own chisels for all of those fabulous steel containers.
The chisel needs to be sharpened every three strikes so you can
imagine how much time it takes to texture those surfaces.

The man is so obsessed to the point of mania. His wife must be
extremely patient and probably feels privileged to share her life with
this man. How else do you explain her staying with him for decades.
I have met women who have chosen to be the helpmates and enablers of
artists. They have sublimated their needs to satisfy their mate’s
needs and take joy and pride in their mate’s accomplishments.
Personally, I couldn’t do that.

I envy that you got to see the actual exhibit. I’ve only had the
book to drool over.


Oh elegant buzzing one–now I feel really crummy. Just haven’t had
the chance to focus on my bees or on the great suggestions offered on
Orchid since I posted my original antennae querie [am packing for a
move down to Mexico; involves detailed itemized lists of each box,
etc… yes: UGH], but I have treasured the line ‘if you want to talk
about making bugs, my favorite thing…’ from your missive. I have
the repousse body and pierced wings for a large moth completed, and
once I’m settled & launced into this project I will surely take you up
on your offer. So thanks for that–AND for the above, ahem, jewel of
a suggestion. I never dreamed of finding this book second hand. Who
on earth would want ot part with it??? A propos (in a roundabout
way): has anyone played with rare earth magnets? I’m wondering what
sort of applications would be reasonable/safe–clasps, for example??

Hi Donna I have read the essays in the Brush book ,and it is almost
Mania,But we all do have those manic addictions when it comes to our
studio work… but with out support I still say it is almost impossible
to continue a life immerged in the creative realm the amazing thing
about Mr. Brush is no metal had heard of him 5 to 8 years ago ,and yet
he had existed for a long time before, doing these works, The
Architecture field had known of him much before ,he is a guru amongst
them … I know of many architect friends in their 30’s that he is God
to. I don’t know how the metal field missed him.and I don’t exactly
understand the absolute connection of the Architects and his work,I
can guesstimate ,but not 100% I also believe that his wife must have
something to do with the book and the shows. Left alone I don’t think
he has the personality to have come out and PRed for his own self,he
would much rather be in his studio…working away just an educated
guess on my part,and wishful thinking maybe? thanks for your input H.