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John, Komelia Hongja Okim, Professor of Jewelry & Metalsmithing at
Montgomery College in Rockville, MD, is an expert in Damascene, and
has given workshops on the craft around the world. Her phone number
is (301) 251-8933. (She doesn’t do much email). Hope this helps.
–Sherry Terao

I am based in the UK, and I am looking for a source of Damascene, or
Damascene ‘type’ jewellery. These could be in Spain or Japan, or
indeed any other country because we are aware of production
elsewhere. Can you help? Regards

Phil Allen

Hi Phil, a jeweller in New Zealand makes damascus for inclusion in
his jewellery, his contact is He sent me
this site also to pass onto you as he
tells me that damascus and Damascene jewellery are two different
things. I will look at the site myself in a moment to learn a bit
more about this, hope this helps, Christine

Damascus / Damascening

Hi Everyone, There is a lot of confusion when it comes to these
terms. “Pattern Welded” steel is the technically, more accurate
terminology for “Damascus” steel, however Damascus is so entrenched
to describe this process, that were kind stuck with. I’ve even given
up, & myself use the term Damascus.

I have given a good description of the process in the "Material"
section of my website which can be accessed directly at (There is also info on
fossil ivory & titanium. among other things) “Damascening” has
nothing to do with pattern welded steel, the only similarities is
that iron is involved. Damascening is the process of hammering gold
onto iron, usually to depict a recognizable visual. This makes a
dramatic play of gold color on a black background. The steel is
scored, & soft gold is hammered over the area which gets locked into
place due to the undercuts in the steel. More info can be found in
the “Glossary” section of my website as well…

I’m guessing that the question of non-knife artists using Damascus
in there work was posed by Phil Poirier? (The response was directed
only to “Phil”, so I’m not 100%) I’m guessing this is the case. as I
sent Phil an e-mail asking him that very question. So, if anybody
knows anybody please let me know. I am trying to put together a
database of artists using Damascus. I have a lead on a gallery show
with half knives & half other Damascus objects.

Thanks, I’ve been part of Orchid for two days now & it has already
proven a lot more interesting & informative than some of the dumb
knife lists I’m on!

John Lewis Jensen
(626) 449 - 1148