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Damaged Jewelry

Dear All, silver tarnish may be removed with “silver dip”, as well
as the dark colorations around solder joints in many old gold items.
The dip works pretty well on tarnished “goldfilled” also. However,
there is a more simple and better answer. I would say"as see on tv"
since that is where I first got the idea.

Take a plastic pan,not metal, deep enough for the silver to be
submerged. Line the bottom of the pan with heavy duty aluminum foil.
Fill with very hot water and pour in as much baking soda as you
like. Set the silver item in the pan, touching the foil and even
move the foil to almost layer over the sides. The tarnish is removed
very quickly. Add more soda if needed to get the reaction; a
characteristic smell is the “rotten egg smell” of liver of sulphur,
silver dip, or this method described.

Do I know it works? YES! Teapots from my mother’s estate were black
as black can be, but a shiny black. The method of foil and soda
removed all tarnish and the silver returned to the original color
and, the blessing, to the original brightness. Silver dip leaves a
dull white color too often. The simple soda, foil and hot water
removes the tarnish without affecting the shine the metal currently
has, even under the tarnish.

Try this trick and let me know. I was skeptical at first but with 5
tea services to clean, it was worth a try and it did work well.

God Bless.