Dallas area galleries


Is there anyone in the northern half of Texas that can recommend
good jewelery stores/galleries in Dallas to visit?

The family will be taking a field trip up there later this month for
my husband’s law enforcement career, and I’ll have a whole day to

Thanks in advance,

Susannah Page-Garcia
Moonshine Metal Creations
It’s finally cold here - 67 degrees. And sunny. We might plant peppers today.

Hello Susannah,

I used to live in Dallas, so here are a few ideas:

Not a jewelry shop per se, but my favorite store in Dallas (it has
designer jewelry among other things) is “Forty-Five-Ten” It’s kind of
like a “Barneys,” It’s in a nice pedestrian-friendly area that has a
lot of shops & restaurants. (the web site is www.fortyfiveten.com)

There is (or was) an incredible restaurant across the street from
forty five ten called Abacus, which is worth a try. Expensive, but
worth it (unlike some)!

Ylang Ylang is another shop that features designer jewelry: (the web
site is (www.ylang-ylang.com)

The new Nasher Sculpture Garden at the Dallas Musuem of Fine Arts is
supposed to be excellent.

Wear your best clothes! Dallas is a city that likes to dress up, and
grooming is a highly respected art form…

(relieved to be back in more casual Houston…)

Ht Susannah,

There are very few jewelry galleries in Dallas.

Jools is a new gallery, open a little over a year. Sandy Kostibas is
the owner and only sells artist jewelry. The gallery is in north
dallas. check out her website for more info and directions. I know
she is looking for new artists, but only does consigment. I have
been in the gallery for about a year and she does real well for me.
I can testify that she knows how to take care of the jewelry and
pays every month on time. www.dallasjools.com

Also, in the Highland Park area is Allie Coosh. This is an exclusive
clothing store with the jewelry gallery hidden in a side room. You
wouldn’t know it was there unless you know to ask. They do carry
people like Fullerton & Bahr and Syndey lynch http://allie-coosh.com

another is Carlyn Gallery. I have heard negative things about them,
do not know if they are true. But hate to test a rumor

email me for more info if you would like
Marilyn O’Hara