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Daffodil rush pearl redhair celebration fiber coating?

A woman came into the shop the other day and wanted to buy a ring
from us but she said she’d only buy it if we had or could get
something called " daffodil rush pearl redhair celebration fiber,
filling or coating ". OK now I DID NOT make this and no I’m not on
anything, maybe she was. She says she’s allergic to gold. Anybody?? I
know of other types of paint-on coatings for allergies, that’s not
what she wants. Please let me know if you’ve heard of this and
where if it actually is for real I can obtain some. Thanks Matt the

Hi Matt, no one is allergic to gold, absolutely no one on the planet
(24 karat). However its the alloy that causes problems. Nearly always
nickel. I never heard of Daffodil rush pearl redhair celebration
fiber coating. Probably something she saw on QVC or some other rip
off jewelry show.

Ed Dawson.
Maine Master Models

Matt, I’ve never heard of anyone allergic to gold which I believe is
an inert material. Now the various alloy metals that are added to
achieve differences such as karat, color, workability, etc are
renowned for being reactive, i.e., nickle, copper, etc. Usually
allergic problem can be overcome by simply moving from 14K to 18k or
22k or, as you say using a coating, or even through depletion
techniques. Youy have a real proglem. Cheers from Don at The Charles
Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance IS fine jewelry!