'D' shaped jump rings

Hello everyone, I’m in desperate need of some jump rings shaped like
the letter ‘D’, with the opening on the straight side, in something
close to a 16gauge sterling and potentially also 14k gold. I’ve tried
all my usual sources and am hunting through the Thomas Register to no
avail. Anyone?

Thank you!
Jessica, battling the summertime fog of San Francisco

D shaped jump rings are very easy to make. Just make a regular
round jump ring of the gauge you desire, After soldering it,
place the joint area between the jaws of your flat pliers of the
desired size, and squeeze the joint area flat. That is all there is
to it—no need to have to hunt down ready made ones. Alma

Jessica - these are quite easy to make yourself. Get some wooden
doweling with a radius you want and slice it in half lengthwise -
you can use your jewelers saw for this as you only need a short
length. Wrap the dowel with wet tissue paper and then anneal your
wire and wrap it round. It will ease off the dowel and you can cut it
into separate rings with a saw.

Tony Konrath
Key West Florida 33040