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CZ industry problem

hi i would like to ask a lot about the problem in the jewelry industry especially cubic zirconia jewelry, i would like to ask the problems that are happening now in our workshop, maybe from so many friends in this community can help me towhat percentage of broken stone on stone casting give suggestion and input because i just try in field

  • what percentage of broken stone on stone casting
  • how many lost gold per flask with 18 cm height we use yasui K2
  • what percentage of lost gold is ideal on casting with casting results
  • what percentage of casting defects in general, for re-casting
  • what is the ideal target of seeting stone on a wax per day for one person
  • if we have 100 employees how many kg can be produced for ideal
  • for cz jewel industry, product lay out or layout process better we use
  • on the cz industry what percentage is ideal for lost gold from the beginning of the process to the end
  • for business in cz jawel industry what percentage of ideal cz content.

hopefully with a reply and input can add to our knowledge of all


Hi Nos,

There are quite a few questions here and it would be difficult if not impossible to answer without asking you quite a number of questions as well.

If you would like to message me I would be happy to have my team do their best to guide you in these matters.

Best regards,

Cliff Durlacher

Hi Cliff,

Thanks for your info I will send you by email

Best regard,