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Cynaide Free Silver Electroplating

G’day Folks, I wish to do some Silver Electroplating in particular I
wish to use the Cyanide free Solutions, I have a 30 Amp A/C and D/C
Variable Voltage and Current Power supply (Rectifier), and 1 Litre
Pyrex Jars for the electrolyte, and appropriate Anodes. Apart from the
directions on the Bottles of Electrolyte and Electro-Stripper, which
in my case is very sparse, is there any Web Sites, Online Books,
Books or Anybody that can help me on this subject.

Tips and Tricks for new players would be greatly appreciated. The
Products that I have purchased are made by SWEST.

If it is not too impolite of me to ask, I would like to know how does
one estimate the cost of electroplating an item.

Any Help Great or Small would be appreciated.

Regards Michael W Kohlleppel
Art Tech Castings Australia.