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Cutting oil

Orchids cutting rocks:

Almag from Texaco commercial oils division runs $33.00 usd for 5
gallons it is the lowest scent of the commercial oils it is a high
grade mineral oil with additives for cutting aluminum the mist while
rated non-toxic should be treated as unhealthy and at a minimum a
good fitting dust mask be worn when opening an enclosed saw… if the
exposure is very short and not often.

With an open saw or daily use of even a enclosed saw a very tight
fitting organic respirator should be used… it is the only way to
keep the oily mist OUT OF YOUR LUNGS. Pneumonia is a drag anyway you
get it… and oil inhalation can certainly cause it.

I have and 18" enclosed saw… using almag… when I open the hood… I
am wearing a very good vented nonwoven material face mask and have a
blower that moves the mist away from me as well… I also wear the
face mask when I am grinding and polishing on my diamond wheels…
even the water in such a fine mist is not good to be breathing
especially if one cuts for hours and or days at a time…

We are all responsible for our own well being and taking the time to
get the best info possible to enable us to make the best choices

All the best in all things Bill
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If you are not in a big hurry to open the saw top, the oil mist will
settle in a few minutes. Rose Alene, McArthur