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Cutting Mexican opals in Seattle

Mary, I’m hoping you are in the Seattle area and may be able to help
me. I’m looking for someone to cut some Mexican opals for me. Know
anyone you trust?

Thanks in advance.

Pat, there are several cutters in the fourth and Pike building (at
the corner of 4th avenue and Pike street, naturally enough). Try
True colors or Gemcut, for starters. If they won’t do it, they’d
certainly know who to send you to.


Hi Pat,

I have two places that i could recommend. “True Colors” in
downtown’s fourth and pike building could cut the material for you, I
am assuming you have the material. They could also procure the
material for you. I really like their work and have worked with them
for over 10 years. Another possibility is over in Kitsap county at
Blue Heron Jewelers. They have an in house cutter that can cut
stones for you. His name is An, and he is really good.

Hope this helps,

There are some good lapidaries in the 4th and Pike building or
across the street in the Joshua Greene building. You might try True
Colors on the 8th floor 4th and Pike.

Sunny in Ballard,
Andy Cooperman