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Cutting Louisiana Opal

Hello All

Was wondering if anyone has any tips on cutting Louisiana Opal, Some
of what I have is full of fire but a little grainy and I have damaged
stones setting them, it seems that a grain of the quartzite( or sand,
how ever you look at it). Some have said brush superglue on it, any
suggestions wil be welcome.

Thanks JW

hello, I’m curious as to the source of your Louisiana opal, and am
interested in obtaining some… please respond if you know where or
how this can be achieved


there was an article in lapidary journal, or perhaps rock and gem,
about 7 or 8 years ago, on this location.

sealing is a good idea, especially if it is a sandstone base. you
can use either opticon, or cyanoacrylic (crazy glue). if you have
access to one, use a vacuum chamber to pull all the air out of the
sandstone, let sit at high vacuum for 24 hours before immersing in

another method is to make a 2 piece intarsia, using a tough material
as the backing (agate, whatever) then the back will stand up to

Mark Zirinsky, denver