Cutting a design in metal

Fellow Orchidians=85 Although I seldom comment on the site I always
appreciate the contributions and am simply amazed by the consistency
and generosity of the Orchid site.

My question: I have some designs I wish to cut in metal but don=92t
relish having to saw out each piece as they are rather complicated.
It seems to me there is a process (etching? photo?) by which a design
can cut but I don=92t remember what it=92s called, so of course don=92=
know where to look. Thanks!


Try a process called RT blanking (press or pancake die cutting), It
is done using a sheet of steel where the pattern is cut at an angle
with a jewelers saw to form a punch and die. The steel is cut so
that the punch and the die remain connected by a hinge piece of the
steel sheet. The metal to be cut is placed between them and pressed
in a press to shear out the desired design. This press can be a
vise, an arbor, fly or hydraulic press or even a large good quality
C clamp. Another way is to have your pieces cut by a company that
does waterjet or laser cutting.