Cutters for Sentimental Gem

Is there a gem cutter out there who wouldn’t mind doing a very
small polishing job ? I was going through a cache of stones from my
rank beginner days and found a beautiful small faceted piece of
kyanite that I had tried to set (I think it was my very first stone),
unsuccessfully of course due to its softness, in a cab setting
because it was so flat. The fact that the setting was silver didn’t
help matters any. Anyhew - there are a few abrasions on what culet
there is on the stone and one small abrasion that was caused by a
prong. I simply would like these little defects polished out (for a
fee of course) and put it back into my permanent collection of “ain’t
this color great ?” stones. I haven’t made the acquaintance of any
cutters locally since I don’t get out much (well, there’s Henderson
the master bench jeweler up the street, but.takes him forever). If
you’re in south-central Pennsylvania (Gettysburg area) that would be
dandy, else I’ll mail 'er out anywhere. TIA.

Brian Corll
Brian Corll, Inc.
1002 East Simpson Street
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

Hi Brian,

I am focusing on creating new work and am no longer take in repair
types of projects. But there are several gem cutters here on Orchid
that are reputable, dependable, knowledgeable in their work and
experts in their craft. They aRe:

Doug Turet from Avon, MA. You can reach him here: or heRe: Or by
phone – 508-586-5690

Wayne Emery near Bettendorf, Iowa. You can reach him heRe: or by phone heRe: 563-355-0891

They are both great to work with and I’m sure won’t let you down.

Roger Dery